ScreenBrew FAQ


What is ScreenBrew?

A new community of spiritually minded women & men who love smart films & TV and the conversations they provoke – preferably over a pint of craft beer or coffee.

How do I become a member?

Most ScreenBrew applicants are nominated by an existing member, though we do occasionally have periods of “open enrollment”.

What does membership include?

  • Invitations to screen new films & television series’ prior to their theatrical or network release – often followed by ‘pint sized conversations’ at a nearby pub, brewery or coffee shop

  • Monthly members only newsletter from the ScreenBrew team with film/TV & brew pairings

  • Access to the exclusive private Facebook group
  •  Invitation to the annual ScreenBrew gathering in Nashville, Tenn. with advance screenings and tastings from some of the South’s finest brewers & coffee roasters
  • Access to the exclusive membership store

How much does it cost?

ScreenBrew membership is free.

What is the goal of ScreenBrew?

To create virtual & physical gathering spaces for those interested in exploring spiritual themes in smart film & TV. 

Who is behind ScreenBrew?

A coalition of passionate film & TV marketers, brewers, coffee roasters, bloggers, podcasters, makers, social entrepreneurs and musicians.

So is ScreenBrew a Christian thing?

Many ScreenBrew members would describe themselves this way, but it’s probably more accurate to say ScreenBrew is for anyone on a spiritual journey who enjoys discussing smart films & TV within the context of that experience.

I’d like to become a member, what do I have to do?

You must fill out the super brief application here, once approved you’ll receive notice of your acceptance and the opportunity to share invites with like-minded friends.

What if I don’t drink beer (or coffee), can I still be a member?

Of course! We have members who are non-drinkers and some who are in recovery. ScreenBrew is meant to embody the ideal of progressive minded film & TV lovers willing to explore spiritual questions in the context of the arts. And while our events serve as opportunities to convene around craft beer & coffee, we have found a pint of cold water to be just as conducive for these deeper conversations.

When is the ScreenBrew gathering in Nashville?

To Be Announced. (Sometime Fall 2017)